Novi Sad, March of 2017, many tournaments

Finally the new winds blowing chess N.Sad. There was an entire constellation of young chess organizers and the menu is just to support them.

To inform the inquisitive chess audience about all the events:

1) International chess tournaments, up to 20 participants, from 5-11.03.2017, city hostel *S*, Kisacka Street, accommodation of participants on the same place, currently about 10 registered, and it is possible to run some IM norms and maybe something more !! org. FM Rogac Srdjan

2) Then follows a similar tournament in chess club *Dame*, org. Stevan Jovic, a bit stronger squad for now on, feel free to join up to No. 20,  for entry,  agreement with the organiser. 13-18.03.2017 Novi Sad, accommodation in the hostel *S*, at 150m

3) Then we have tournament in Backi Petrovac, 20 -25.03.2017. , Publishing shortly follows, the same 9-round FIDE tempo, the norms and ELO,

org. prof. Pavel Marcok

4) Open character tournament, Fide tempo, 9 rounds from 10-15.04.2017, *Fontana* restaurant and hotel in the center of Novi Sad, Pasiceva street, org VM Drazic, all info directly with me, enrollment fee is 40e or 5,000.00 din, juniors and seniors, 50 % discount for members of the Vojvodina alliance sah.

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