Digital clock *DGT XL*

Small, compact, has access to the *DGT electronic board. Market price is 89 Euros, and in our store…?
#SD07 €71.00+

*Garde* digital chess

King among digital ones. Lux version, for those who are driving *Mercedes* only. 18 programs of playing by a FIDE/Bronstein mode. Opportunity of a manual...
#SD04 €79.00

DGT 2010

12 different ways of time control and measuring of time. 32 sets of predefined settings. Manual setting, support multiple time intervals. Big breakers,...
#S02 €69.00+

Digital clock *Merex 555*

The latest, improved *Merex 555*, dimensions 200 x 110 x 60 mm! Only 2 batteries! Included in a package ( And in a price ), quantity of the article –...
#S03 €59.00

DGT 960

First chess clock that generates 960 starting positions automatically, symbols showing on which positions pieces should be in placed on the board. Created...
#S01 €28.00+

INsa wooden mechanic clock

Najbolji mexanicki sat na svetu, unazad vec 20 godina.Specijalno obelezen poslednji minut, kao i poslednjih 5 minuta, stabilan, mogucno zaustavljavanje sata...
#SM01 €45.00+

Insa mehanic plastic clock, made in Serbia

The best mechanic clock in the world. Especially marked last minute of the game, also last 5 minutes, stop of ticking in the moment, by the slight pressure...
#SM02 €32.00+

Garde chess clock

The best, the longest capable, mechanic clock on the server, yet again on our market! Brand new, for a fans of “Blitz” chess, unique, this time...
#SM03 €65.00+

Anologue chess clock, very old, around 1950 , related to FNR Jugoslavia !!

Antique, perfect condition, wood, works, useful, adorable little clock, reminding on BXB, anything similar never I saw in Serbia, in a last 35 years, until...
#SM04 €190.00+

Digital clock Merex 600

The newest model, Merex 555 only better!! Only two bateries and they are included in set and in the price, limited amount!! Add 20% of PDV on this price....
#S08 €59.00+
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