Metal chess pendants

In our store you can find all kinds of chess figures in nickel and in golden plating. Extremely practical, nice and cheap present, excellent for a kids...
#S001 €2.00+

Pens with the chess motives

If you are complete chess player, you have to have a pen that associate on a chess. Together you are stronger, and at the same time, everybody around know...
#S007 €1.00+

Pendant *Novi Sad European Championship 2009*

Everything already been said in the title. Only 90 of this high quality pendants been produced. Real fancy product for the collectors, also for those who...
#S004 €4.00

Wooden chess pendants

All six kinds of figures, in two colors, available for large and for small orders. Excellent gift, for each and every occasion, always in a pocket, nice to...
#S013 €1.90+

Chess pendants, new series, metal, gold plated, all kinds of chess figures

New series, of much better, of more refined design, in white nickel and in gilt of yellow color ( 1 micron ). Out of production they are, chance to cheer...
#S001 €2.00+

Leather pendants on chess theme

Excellent, wonderful, pretty huge, super durable pendants in the shape of the knight ( Head ),- and rook. Created from the leather of the highest quality,...
#S002 €2.00+

Collection of badges

Selected collection, possible is to buy a single piece, enameled, and rare, older badges, of federations, clubs and from prestigious tournaments, all in the...
#S005 €3.00+

Set of silver *Chess Olympics Novi Sad 1990*

Two coinages, nominally 100 and 150 dinars. 17 and 13 grams, 34 and 30 mm, 10.000 pieces. National Bank of Yugoslavia.
#S008 €90.00+

Chess badges, collection

Plenty of pages with the different badges, a few hundreds of it. An option it is, single badge to be bought, also huge amount of badges to be bought, and...
#S009 €1.50+

Schach unter del Lupe

Real pearl for the collectors, beautiful, small, luxury book in an unusual format ( prone rectangle ). 151 pages        Published: 1987.    ...
#K0304 €8.00

Jewerly with chess motives

Metal and stone from Bali, handmade by some of the top craftsmen in Bali. There is only a few more pieces left, bracelets and necklaces,; you can buy them...
#S030 €34.90+

Magnets for the refrigerator with chess motives

All kinds of motives, world champions, chess caricatures; possible discount on bigger amounts. The magnets stick excellent on any type of metal surface,...
#S029 €1.00

Bottle opener with chess motives

Metal bottle opener, on the one side there is a chessboard and on the other motto of all chess players round the world ‘Gens una sumus”, or,...
#S028 €2.00

Chess knife for the letters

They’re being used less and less every day, but it is an extremely nice detail for your library, made of metal, top work of our craftsmen
#S027 €5.00

Chess wallet

Leather wallet in black and white, small dimensions but big capacity!! Soon with a little figure of rook on it. It is possible to order these wallets in...
#KG021 €12.00+

Posters world champions

You can have nice colection of world chess champions , ready for wall in your room, best prices and quality with plastifikation protection already made ....
#S04 €23.00
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