Metal chess pendants

In our store you can find all kinds of chess figures in nickel and in golden plating. Extremely practical, nice and cheap present, excellent for a kids...
#S001 €2.00+

Pens with the chess motives

If you are complete chess player, you have to have a pen that associate on a chess. Together you are stronger, and at the same time, everybody around know...
#S007 €1.00+

Pendant *Novi Sad European Championship 2009*

Everything already been said in the title. Only 90 of this high quality pendants been produced. Real fancy product for the collectors, also for those who...
#S004 €4.00

Wooden chess pendants

All six kinds of figures, in two colors, available for large and for small orders. Excellent gift, for each and every occasion, always in a pocket, nice to...
#S013 €1.90+

Chess pendants, new series, metal, gold plated, all kinds of chess figures

New series, of much better, of more refined design, in white nickel and in gilt of yellow color ( 1 micron ). Out of production they are, chance to cheer...
#S001 €2.00+

Leather pendants on chess theme

Excellent, wonderful, pretty huge, super durable pendants in the shape of the knight ( Head ),- and rook. Created from the leather of the highest quality,...
#S002 €2.00+
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