Leather chess wallet

On this picture plenty of attractive stuff there are, you guess on that I thought! Of course, when wallet is fulfilled to the edge, and not with dinars, you...
#KG001 €29.00

Leather mini bag for the travelers

You are in the move for all the time? Money and documents need to be protected from a lost and from stealing? The best option it is, to be near the body,...
#KG004 €38.00

Wallet for the passport

For the money, for documents, should be hanged around the neck, another option it is, to hang it to your bell, cause this product has a nut for a hanging....
#KG002 €18.00

Case for a passport

In the wonderful, *Crocodile*, lac skin, with imprint of rook on it, elegant case it is! Nuthin fancy, but related to the style of owner. Your passport,...
#KG005 €11.00+

Leather purse for the shoulder

Modern, for each and every occasion, *unisex*, especially if you are citizen of some of the world metropolis, everything in skin, which is trade mark of...
#KG006 €36.00+

Leather bag for an every occasion

Medium size, perfect for an each and every occasion, sport design, add new dimension to your performance. 99% skin, everything except belt. Several designs...
#KG007 €40.00+

Leather cosmetic bag

Top leather manufacture, everything manual, the finest chess cubes, white and black leather horses on the zips. Unique series in only three pieces!!! Proven...
#KG008 €49.00+

Leather insole for a credit cards

Wonderful variation on the leather theme, possible input of 5 credit cards, or identity card to put in, plastic health card. Very practical, leather,...
#KG010 €9.00+

Leather wallet with sewn leather rook ( Different colors )

You want to be recognizable? Need real something for own pleasure? Good wallet is your legitimation. Excellent handicraft, stitch sewing without mistake!...
#KG018 €30.00+

Leather wallet in a funny color

Golden and orange are *in*, always. Especially when sunny days arrive, so what are you waiting for, women, but others as well!? Without prejudices....
#KG011 €29.00+

Female leather purse *Milanka*

Top manufacture and a precious skin, how nice it suits with You!! Possibility is an order of skin of your desire, surcharge is 10%! With purse, you can...
#KG012 €109.00

Leather purse *Little Maja*

Leather program, in many variations, exceptionally sweet purse in front of a New Year, warmly I do recommend, to ladies, to the cavaliers as well. *Little...
#KG014 €59.00+

Leather belt, carved, hunter`s

Motive of the pig on the buckle, ideal gift to the *lovin male creature*. To understand he can do it better. If he doesn`t, well…
#KG017 €23.00

Leather belt with chess badges

Top manufacture of the best masters on a chess theme, 100% skin, manual work of huge accuracy and elegance.
#KG019 €23.00+

Leather chess bag for a shoulder

Excellent work, manual completely, goes with precise hand, sewn cubes associate on chess board, nicely fit, wonderful contrast of fine black and white skin,...
#KG020 €63.00+

Chess wallet

Leather wallet in black and white, small dimensions but big capacity!! Soon with a little figure of rook on it. It is possible to order these wallets in...
#KG021 €12.00+
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