Model *Dubrovnik – 1950 Toyota*

Wood filled with the plumb in a plush bag. Size of the king is 88mm, hornbeam wood. Rather wide base. Production stopped during *NATO* bombing of Serbia,...
#F002 €50.00+

Model *Dubrovnik – 1950 Lux*

Triple weighted figures, excellent triple lac, and  top manufacture for a real gourmets, 1000 – 1200 gr guarantee huge stability, especially in the...
#F003 €50.00+

Model *Lux Staunton*

Wood fulfilled with plumb, pieces in a plush bag. Size of the king – 88mm, type of the wood, white pieces – ash tree. Black pieces –...
#F004 €44.00

Magnetic chess – *Intarzia*

Magnetic *De Lux* chess, import in Serbia, excellent for a present, nice packed already. Dimensions are 27 x 27 cm, or if you fold the board – 14 x 27...
#F005 €25.00+

Chess pieces *Extra*

The best Serbian model in wood, excellent wood, lacquered, double strain, king in two versions ( cross and globe ),- used during 3 the latest Championships...
#F008 €29.00

Bright box for chess pieces

Often you loose chess pieces in and around your home, or simply you want to provide dignified shelter for the pieces, our boxes are the best safe heaven!
#KT001 €9.00

Super de lux *Staunton*

So called *Royal* pieces, from the finest Indian wood, in the wonderful suitcase, with a separate cushions for white, and for black pieces. Only for well...
#F015 €429.00

Ukrainian artistic wooden chess set

Rare to be seen, mix of elegance with manually created knights ( small pieces of art ). Top class wood, weighted wood, protected with clear lac, so natural...
#F021 €180.00+

Wooden mini chess trophees

IF you need something new, original , cheap, natural , than you are on the right place, best souvenir chess program in the world give you new oportunity ,...
#F019 €2.00+

Chess set from match Topalov- Kamsky

The famous match in Sofia was played with a set like this. The wooden box was handmade, it is a real masterpiece and  it is almost more valuable than the...
#F037 €109.00+

Wooden mega chess

The chess board occupies the whole table, made of wood, the figures are also made of the finest sorts of wood, mostly hornbeam. This set is ideal for...
#F036 €299.00

Chess figures- staunton french model

French model/ a real must have Pieces are ideal for board field dimension 60mm. Each color contents 2 queens. Kings height is 115mm and bottom radius is...
#F035 €125.00

Chess figures extra-staunton

weight: 800g, kings height 88mm, packed in a little bag made of fine cloth (possible in a bag or in a wooden box, but this is payed separately). The...
#F022 €25.00+

Chess figure like a trophy

It is possible to buy these figures without the pedestal. The figures are 3 times bigger than the ordinary chess figures. With pedestal they’re...
#F034 €15.00+

Figures + wooden board

Great set, it is being used in Germany,France and Poland at bigger tournaments and leagues. All made of wood, the board weighs 2.8 kg in light brown or dark...
#F017 €49.00+

Indian lux figures

These figures, with there perfect design remind of the ones from the 19th century. They’re made with such perfection that you dont realise...
#F028 €180.00
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