Garden chess

The figures are made of plastics, they’re excellent for little squares, schools or yards. the ‘board’ is not included in the prace, it is better to make one by painting the ground. Discount on bigger orders.

28,00 kg
form: Staunton
material: plastic, king height: 630 mm
#F014 €470.00 - €540.00
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Figures + wooden board

Great set, it is being used in Germany,France and Poland at bigger tournaments and leagues. All made of wood, the board weighs 2.8 kg in light brown or dark...
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Ukrainian artistic wooden chess set

Rare to be seen, mix of elegance with manually created knights ( small pieces of art ). Top class wood, weighted wood, protected with clear lac, so natural...
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Mini chess (magnet)

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Chess bag with a pocket

If you want to have a separate place to put your chess notebook and 2 pencils,pay a little more and you get a lot more
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