Electronic DGT board

If you want to play in 3D instead of playing on monitor you can connect this board with your computer using USB cable adn the whole world is in front of you. You can play against programms or against other players using internet. With this board you also get chess figures from India(wooden) and a few appropriate gifts such as programms,etc

#F013 €430.00
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*Sahmantnie Debjuti* ( On Russian )

Theory and practice. Judgement of the variation, and the typical key moves. 1250 examples of a different levels in more then 40 openings.
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Indian lux figures

These figures, with there perfect design remind of the ones from the 19th century. They’re made with such perfection that you dont realise...
#F028 €180.00

Chess figures extra-staunton

weight: 800g, kings height 88mm, packed in a little bag made of fine cloth (possible in a bag or in a wooden box, but this is payed separately). The...
#F022 €25.00+

Silk Scarf

Handicraft, extremely demanding technique of painting on a silk, unique, containing many motives on chess and cards theme. Academic artist Amadea, only for...
#S002 €39.00

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