Memorial “Miljo Vujovic” – Strange system – odd Scoreboard

The memorial Milja Vujovic chess tournament is getting closer to the first stage, while the scoreboard results, for the ones who are not well informed, look peculiar. So, “written-off” FM Jevtic, an experienced amateur from the “North of Backa” – Mr. Aleksic (“the eng.”) and a wunderkind – very young Mr. Dejan Omorjan, with still a low rating of just 1665 ELO points, are leading the way.

Only two more rounds are to come at group stages, therefore the above mentioned trio might be remaining in the first place!!

Afterwards, a combined pairing system could/should put “the things on the track, but nobody can take away already earned/won ELO points of theirs.

From “the rest of the field”, I would like to point out at Milivojevic sisters who are still holding on while battling for the first prize in a women competition.

“The cream on the cake|” will be the last two rounds, as well as a big blitz tournament on Sunday!!

after round 6.


МјСНоИмеполФЕДРтгБод. ТБ1 ТБ2 ТБ3нввев-веKртг + / –
18FMJevtic MiodragSRB23156.
222Aleksic ZvonimirSRB19455.514.510.014.2543.52.610.891513.4
327Omorjan DejanSRB16655.016.511.013.25541.212.791541.8
43GMKostic Vladimir GSRB24364.018.512.512.25532.920.08100.8
51GMDobrov VladimirRUS25284.018.012.511.25644.21-0.2110-2.1
617Popovic Milan SSRB21784.017.011.510.00642.601.401521.0
72GMDrazic SinisaSRB24724.016.511.09.75644.87-0.8710-8.7
824Milivojevic JasminawSRB18973.519.513.09.5052.52.350.15152.3
916Elez NikolaSRB22213.519.013.511.0063.52.950.55158.3
105FMSredojevic IvanSRB24023.518.012.010.0063.53.060.44104.4
114Stankovic MilosSRB24083.517.511.510.0063.53.290.21102.1
1214Jovic StevanSRB22503.517.010.010.00533.59-0.5915-8.9
1326Borbas PetarSRB18013.517.010.08.0052.51.790.711510.6
1418Lukajic BojanSRB21673.516.511.09.0063.52.720.781511.7
159IMMartic ZlatkoCRO23033.019.514.09.50633.40-0.4010-4.0
1630Milivojevic MasawSRB15573.018.511.58.7552.50.791.713051.3
1723Ratic ZoranSRB19273.
1813FMPetkovic RadosavSRB22603.
1919FMVlaovic DjordjeSRB21622.518.511.56.75523.09-1.0915-16.4
2011WFMDimitrijevic AleksandrawBIH22632.518.012.06.2562.51.980.52157.8
216IMBodiroga PredragSRB23872.517.511.57.0052.52.69-0.1910-1.9
2220Musicki StevanSRB21272.516.511.06.75522.87-0.8715-13.1
2310FMKokeza MirkoSRB22802.
32Sanchez LoresmarwVEN02.
257FMKojima ShinyaJPN23442.018.512.55.50622.75-0.7515-11.3
2612Rudakov AleksandrRUS22622.
2728Nedeljkovic StanislavawSRB16612.014.510.04.0031.51.010.49157.3
2831Putnik MilanSRB01.520.514.52.5061.5
2921Kayar Mehmet ErdemTUR20031.519.514.05.0061.51.240.26153.9
3015FMRadulovic BojanCRO22291.519.013.53.0061.53.01-1.5115-22.6
3125Tesanovic RajkoSRB18371.518.512.53.7551.52.65-1.1515-17.3
3229Jakovljevic ZdravkoSRB16301.019.513.02.50511.06-0.0615-0.9

Round 7.  2013/11/02      10.00 am


122Aleksic Zvonimir 19456FMJevtic Miodrag 23158
220Musicki Stevan 21275Omorjan Dejan 166527
318Lukajic Bojan 21674GMDrazic Sinisa 24722
413FMPetkovic Radosav 226034Popovic Milan S 217817
512Rudakov Aleksandr 226224GMDobrov Vladimir 25281
67FMKojima Shinya 234424GMKostic Vladimir G 24363
726Borbas Petar 1801Jovic Stevan 225014
84Stankovic Milos 2408IMBodiroga Predrag 23876
95FMSredojevic Ivan 2402WFMDimitrijevic Aleksandra 226311
1015FMRadulovic Bojan 2229Elez Nikola 222116
1129Jakovljevic Zdravko 16301Milivojevic Jasmina 189724
1219FMVlaovic Djordje 21623Milivojevic Masa 155730
1328Nedeljkovic Stanislava 166123Ratic Zoran 192723
149IMMartic Zlatko 23033Kayar Mehmet Erdem 200321
1532Sanchez Loresmar 022FMKokeza Mirko 228010
1631Putnik Milan 0Tesanovic Rajko 183725

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