Mats for glasses

6 different sets, on every mat there is a chess probem, checkmate in 2 moves. The most beautiful problems! 6 mats in every set and in every set 10 different problems. You can order mats with your advertisement on them

#S017 €2.00 - €12.00
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Chess knife for the letters

They’re being used less and less every day, but it is an extremely nice detail for your library, made of metal, top work of our craftsmen
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Metal chess pendants

In our store you can find all kinds of chess figures in nickel and in golden plating. Extremely practical, nice and cheap present, excellent for a kids...
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Chess badges, collection

Plenty of pages with the different badges, a few hundreds of it. An option it is, single badge to be bought, also huge amount of badges to be bought, and...
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*Staunton* plastic

83 mm KH set, 38 mm base diameter, weight is 350 gr, very economic model. The best plastic *Staunton* set on the market. Has the most attractive profile,...
#F009 €8.00+

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